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Our company stands out from other vendors in two significant ways. Firstly, for all large bobblehead orders, we provide 2D mock-ups prior to you placing an order. Secondly, we offer lightning-fast production and shipping for bulk bobblehead orders with authentic proofs provided prior to shipment. In fact, we can even deliver your bulk order within 24-48 hours, which is an unmatched level of speed and efficiency that no other vendor can match!

We offer substantial discounts for bulk orders of custom bobbleheads for corporate clients. To ensure timely delivery of your order, kindly inform us of the desired date and the specific bobblehead body you would like to use before the commencement of the project.

*All Bobbleheads Different
1)For all different dolls orders there would be many photos, so we suggest you to zip them for email and clearly mentioned everyone’s name, and also tell us the types of body you want for each doll, we will double check the color of the eyes, hair and other details from you before production. We must give you a perfect group of bobbleheads with amazing likeness you want.

*All Bobbleheads Same
2)We have a bigger discount on all the same doll orders. We will not charge the first mold, and all name, logo, tattoo or cap, which make the price for bulk custom bobblehead orders really competitive. And will confirm proof with you step by step, not copy dolls without your approval.

*We often receive questions on custom bobbleheads bulk orders like below:

Our bulk pricing covers bobblehead dolls size from 4″ – 7.5 inches. (Standard bobblehead size is 7”) Did you know that we can create any size custom bobblehead doll? Literally from as little as 4 inches (or less) to 10 feet tall.

We request a deposit payment of 50% to begin the prototype for your bobblehead of orders for 100 or more pieces. Orders less than 100 require 100% payment to begin. Upon completion of 100 or more bobblehead dolls, we require the balance for production.

From receipt of deposit and photographs / concept: your first proof usually arrives in email for within 4-7 days for your approval. If any changes are made and you give the final approval. We begin the paint process, send a color proof for approval – normally 3-6 days. Once approved – we begin production. Time line is normally 20-35 days dependent on quantity. For rush orders, the fastest we can make is shipping in 1-2 weeks. Air Shipment is 3-5 days.

Depending on the quantity duplicate bobblehead dolls you require and the detail to each piece will determine the time line. We request a normal time line between 3 and 6 weeks but can also offer for a nominal fee of rush service to meet your needs.

For all same bobbleheads, our custom bobblehead bulk orders are made of polyresin clay; and for all different bobbleheads, they are made of polyclay.

For most cases, we will individually pack each bobblehead with Styrofoam and place them in their own box, which will then be packed together in a larger hard box. However, if the size of the bobbleheads is not suitable for our standard boxes, we will still ensure they are well-protected with Styrofoam before placing them in a single large hard box.

No matter what kinds of bulk order you want, we will provide you the best price, top handicraft and customer service, and 100% satisfied.

More questions, please contact us:service@bbobbler.com

We ordered 33 bobbleheads for a work event and Bbobbler was great to work with! My favorite part of the whole process is the communication that the company offers. They contact you throughout the entire process and will not move forward without your approval of each step. I would definitely recommend! Wonderful experience!

We cannot rave enough about these bobbleheads. Bbobbler was absolutely amazing and always kept in contact throughout the entire process. I cannot say enough about the bobbleheads- they are absolutely amazing. My co workers thought they must order more for next year’s annual party.

How We Creating Bulk Bobbleheads With Resin?

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