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Custom Bobble Head Dolls

Since 2012, has been custom sculpting personalized bobblehead based on photos for thousands of happy customers that perfectly sums up their unique love. If you are looking for a realistic, modern, and cute custom made bobble head with best likeness, low price and fast turnaround time, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for funny and cool bobblehead style figurines, we have those too!

Custom bobble head is a brilliant gift idea for those special dates like birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Boss’s day, retirement, friend’s wedding, New Year, Christmas, etc. This high quality handmade bobblehead dolls with amazing likeness provide happiness to people who receive it, bride, groom, bridesmaid and groomsmen on wedding, nurse, dentist and your doctors, sports fans, players and coach, colleague and boss in business, members in family, everyone love to get a doll looks like him/her. Make a bobblehead for your dog/cat or yourself is also cool idea.

We have hundreds of styles of bobblehead custom models to choose from. You are sure to find a style that will work for you. If you don’t find a model you like, we offer 100% fully customized bobblehead as unique for you!

Fast Turnaround Time

The fastest we can make is shipping within 3 days, you will not find any other company on the internet that provides you with faster delivery at so lowest price.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will have UNLIMITED FREE revisions available. This means we will modify your bobblehead doll until you LOVE IT and you are 100% satisfied.

Gift Box&Greeting Card

Porto has very powerful admin features to help customer to build their own shop in minutes without any special skills in web development.

Amazing Likeness

Our sculptors know how to make the bobbleheads look just like the pictures you send. Over 90% of our customers would recommend us to a friend.

Free Add-ons

Things like tattoos, logos, helmets, caps, hats, sunglasses and other small add-ons– which other bobblehead maker charge up to $10 for-we give you absolutely free.

Easy Order Process

We can gift wrap your bobblehead doll and include greeting card! We have many boxes and cards with different color and style for your option.


Custom bobbleheads are made from either one of two materials – polymer clay and polyresin. Both of these materials are great, but because of the pricey nature of polyresin and the big difference of coloring before and after of bobblehead dolls, we see the best materials to make your personalized bobblehead is polymer clay. This is a non-toxic, pliable, and transformable material based on polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Despite being referred to as ‘clay,’ it typically does not contain any clay minerals. Polymer clays come in a range of colors, and thus it can be used to make vibrant and colorful bobbleheads without the need for additional paint. Most of our customers prefer polyclay bobblehead as they think the final product is with actually brighter, true 3D likeness and higher quality.

If you are wondering where to make your own bobblehead Cheap? must be the best destination. Our main focus is to provide you with a set of customized bobblehead or individual products with amazing resemblance and high quality that keep things memorable for you. Not only we aspire to satisfy you but also want to provide you with a 100% satisfactory experience that is why we are looking forward to working with you. Not to brag but just recently we make a record of making more than 100,000 custom bobblehead dolls for our dear customers from 2012. Since we are talking about numbers, our prices are exceptionally low as compared to our competitors who charge extra for additional accessories attached to the products. Our artists belong to different countries that are why we can add more and more details to your orders. We take pride in what we offer as a great bobblehead maker and will provide you with a mini version of your loved ones that not only will they love but will also truly satisfy them.

You might be probably be wondering how bobblehead dolls are made or what you need to create your own bobblehead at the comfort of your home. First and foremost, you need to select a body from our website, we have more than 1000 models shown for your option. If none is match please just select from ”fully custom” category, all we need is a clear picture, base on it we can customize your bobblehead doll from head to toe. The next step is to upload your photos and select colors. Once receive your payment our customer service will contact you to double check details before production. Then it comes to the molding process. We send proofs to you in 6 working days for standard orders, so please leave us a valid email address. You can request any changes or additions at this point before the design is finalized. The sculptor will incorporate the changes as well as the intricate designs like color facial, eyelashes, and so on. The final stage of the process entails attaching the body and face and checking for flaws to ensure the final product is of the highest quality.

Now we have four sculpturing and shipping methods to meet your need, the cost may different according to different priority. You can see the shipping option on order page.

Standard order Sculpting and Delivery- shipping in 2-3 Weeks,Free Proofs

Fast order Sculpting and Delivery- shipping in about 15 Day, Free Proofs

Faster order Sculpting and Delivery – shipping in about 10 Days, Free Proofs

Super rush order Sculpting and Delivery – shipping in only about 3 Days, No Proofs

We send photos to you during production for approval, if any delays in receipt of approval of the proof or changes to the proof are requested, additional time may be needed to complete the job. If you need the doll for a specific date, please tell us after order and allow more time then needed to ensure a prompt delivery in time for the event.

Bobble head dolls automatically come with a built-in stand with enough weight to keep them in place, which makes for a useful feature. Please put your customized bobblehead in room temperature and dry place, and ensure that it is away from the reach of children and pets. If your bobblehead gets dusty just wash it off with lightly damp cloth using water only. Do not use any chemicals on your personalized bobblehead, including spraying perfume near it. Some of the places you could consider are a dresser, desk, or bookshelf. However, these areas may not be ideal for more expensive limited edition bobbleheads. Bobbleheads are important gifts and thus should be carefully protected.  You can purchase a bubblehead display case from Ebay or Amazon for a cleaner and more polished look.

Custom Wedding Bobbleheads

Instead of the traditional boring cake toppers, a pair of bobblehead dolls make a great addition to your big day. Customized bobblehead cake toppers are unique and fun and will certainly never go out of style. The nodding heads will always remind you of your solemn vows of “Yes I Do.”

Custom Bobbleheads Sports

In addition, personalized bobblehead dolls are also great for promoting sports teams. Usually, a team will make the players bobbleheads as a way of introducing them to the audience, and it also gives them a cool way of demonstrating their die-hard support for the team.

Personalized Bobblehead Business

Additionally, personalized bobblehead dolls can be used as trophies at the end of the season to express your appreciation to the team for a job well done. If you want to help your business stand out with something inventive and impressive, personalized bobbleheads are the way to go. A fashion brand, for instance, can accessorize the bobblehead doll with some of their products as an advertising strategy.

Custom Bobbleheads Corporate

Custom bobblehead dolls can also be used as gifts during the company’s awards night. Besides, everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift and a customized bobblehead is as thoughtful as it gets.  In this line, personalized bobbleheads make excellent gifts. Whether you need a retirement present or a secret Santa gift, you can never go wrong with custom made bobblehead.

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