11 Best Superman Bobbleheads

Superman, the iconic superhero from the planet Krypton, has been a symbol of strength, justice, and hope for decades. Collecting Superman memorabilia is a popular hobby among fans, and one of the most sought-after items is the Superman bobblehead. These fun, wobbly-headed figures capture the essence of the Man of Steel in various poses and styles. In this article, we’ll explore the 11 best Superman bobbleheads you can buy, including customizable options from Bbobbler.

1. Bbobbler Customized Bobblehead Superman – $64.00

1. Bbobbler Customized Bobblehead Superman - $64.00

Bbobbler offers a fantastic customizable Superman bobblehead that allows you to tailor the figure to your liking. Whether it’s the classic Superman pose or something more personal, Bbobbler ensures a high-quality product that captures every detail.

Key Features:

  • Customization: Tailor the bobblehead to reflect your preferred style and pose.
  • Quality: Made with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Detail: Intricately designed to capture the essence of Superman.
  • Affordable: Priced at $64.00, it offers great value for a customized collectible.

This customizable bobblehead is perfect for fans who want a personalized touch to their collection.

2. Bbobbler Custom Office Bobbleheads Superman – $64.00

Bbobbler Custom Office Bobbleheads Superman

Another great offering from Bbobbler, the Custom Office Bobbleheads Superman, provides a unique twist on the classic Superman figure. This bobblehead is designed for office settings, making it a fun and inspirational addition to any workspace.

Key Features:

  • Customization: Designed specifically for office environments.
  • Quality: High-quality materials ensure durability and a detailed finish.
  • Unique Design: Combines the iconic Superman look with an office-friendly aesthetic.
  • Affordable: Also priced at $64.00, making it an accessible option for all fans.

Perfect for inspiring greatness at work, this bobblehead combines fun with functionality.

3. Funko Pop! DC Comics Superman Bobblehead

Funko Pop! is renowned for its wide range of collectible figures, and their DC Comics Superman bobblehead is no exception. This stylized figure captures the charm of Superman in a unique, collectible form.

Key Features:

  • Brand Recognition: From the trusted Funko Pop! brand.
  • Stylized Design: Features the iconic large head and small body style.
  • Collectibility: Highly collectible with a recognizable design.
  • Durable: Made from high-quality vinyl.

Ideal for Funko Pop! enthusiasts and Superman fans alike, this bobblehead is a must-have.

4. Royal Bobbles Superman Bobblehead

Royal Bobbles is known for their highly detailed and realistic bobbleheads. Their Superman figure is meticulously crafted, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Design: Highly detailed and lifelike.
  • Quality Materials: Made from durable, high-quality polyresin.
  • Collector’s Item: Perfect for serious collectors.
  • Attention to Detail: Incredible detail captures Superman’s iconic look.

For collectors who appreciate detailed craftsmanship, the Royal Bobbles Superman is an excellent choice.

5. NECA Head Knocker Superman Bobblehead

NECA’s Head Knocker series offers a variety of bobbleheads, including a fantastic Superman figure. Known for their quality and design, NECA’s Superman bobblehead is both fun and well-made.

Key Features:

  • Quality Construction: Made from hand-painted resin.
  • Detailed Design: Captures the classic Superman look.
  • Durability: Built to last with sturdy materials.
  • Fun Factor: Adds a playful element to any collection.

This NECA Head Knocker is perfect for fans who want a high-quality, fun bobblehead.

6. DC Collectibles Superman Icons Bobblehead

DC Collectibles offers a premium Superman bobblehead as part of their Icons series. This figure is perfect for collectors looking for a high-end, officially licensed product.

Key Features:

  • Officially Licensed: From DC Collectibles.
  • Premium Quality: High-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Collector’s Edition: A must-have for serious collectors.
  • Detailed Design: Captures the essence of Superman perfectly.

Ideal for those who want an officially licensed and premium-quality Superman bobblehead.

7. Jada Toys Metals Die-Cast Superman Bobblehead

Jada Toys offers a unique take on the Superman bobblehead with their Metals Die-Cast series. These figures are made from die-cast metal, giving them a unique look and feel.

Key Features:

  • Metal Construction: Made from die-cast metal for durability.
  • Unique Design: Stands out from traditional bobbleheads.
  • Collectible: Part of a larger series of metal bobbleheads.
  • Detailed: Features intricate design and painting.

For those looking for something different, the Jada Toys Metals Die-Cast Superman is a standout option.

8. Monogram International Superman Bobblehead

Monogram International offers a classic Superman bobblehead that is both fun and affordable. This figure is great for fans who want a simple, yet charming, collectible.

Key Features:

  • Affordability: Budget-friendly option.
  • Classic Design: Features the iconic Superman look.
  • Lightweight: Made from durable plastic.
  • Fun: Adds a playful element to any collection.

Perfect for fans who want an affordable and classic Superman bobblehead.

9. Diamond Select Toys Superman Resin Bust Bank Bobblehead

Diamond Select Toys combines functionality with fun in their Superman Resin Bust Bank Bobblehead. This figure doubles as a coin bank, making it a practical and collectible item.

Key Features:

  • Dual Function: Serves as a bobblehead and a coin bank.
  • High Quality: Made from durable resin.
  • Detailed Design: Features a highly detailed Superman bust.
  • Practical: Adds functionality to your collection.

Great for collectors who appreciate items that are both practical and decorative.

10. Hallmark Superman Christmas Ornament Bobblehead

Hallmark offers a unique Superman bobblehead in the form of a Christmas ornament. This festive figure is perfect for adding some superhero flair to your holiday decorations.

Key Features:

  • Festive: Designed as a Christmas ornament.
  • High Quality: Made from durable materials.
  • Detailed: Features intricate details and vibrant colors.
  • Collectible: Part of Hallmark’s collectible ornament series.

Ideal for Superman fans who want to incorporate their favorite hero into their holiday decor.

11. Kotobukiya Superman ARTFX+ Statue Bobblehead

Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ statues are known for their high-quality and detailed designs. Their Superman bobblehead combines these elements with the fun of a bobblehead figure.

Key Features:

  • High Quality: Made from durable, high-quality materials.
  • Detailed Design: Captures Superman’s iconic look in stunning detail.
  • Collector’s Item: Perfect for serious collectors.
  • Premium: Reflects the quality and craftsmanship of Kotobukiya products.

For collectors who want a high-end, detailed bobblehead, the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Superman is a top choice.


Superman bobbleheads are a fantastic way to celebrate your love for the iconic superhero. Whether you’re looking for a personalized bobblehead from Bbobbler, a fun and affordable option from Funko Pop!, or a high-end collectible from DC Collectibles, there’s a Superman bobblehead for every fan and collector. These bobbleheads not only serve as great decorative pieces but also as cherished keepsakes that capture the essence of the Man of Steel.

Tips for Choosing the Best Superman Bobblehead

When selecting a Superman bobblehead, consider the following tips:

  1. Purpose: Determine whether you’re buying for fun, as a collectible, or as a gift.
  2. Quality: Look for high-quality materials and detailed craftsmanship.
  3. Customization: If you want a personalized touch, choose customizable options.
  4. Budget: Consider your budget and find options that offer the best value for money.
  5. Brand: Opt for reputable brands known for their quality and design.

No matter which Superman bobblehead you choose, each one brings a unique charm and joy to any collection. Happy collecting!

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