Large Custom Bobblehead

Did you know that the largest bobblehead was 4.69 meters long?

The 4.69-meter large custom bobblehead of a dog was made in the United States on 08 April 2016. It is  Guinness World Record. Sounds fascinating right?

Imagine your look-alike of 4.69 meters!

Unarguably, the ideas sound a little bit odd. But you can still get your large custom bobbleheads. These custom bobbleheads will not be HUGE. But they will be large enough to show off.

Getting your own custom bobblehead is indeed a very cool thing and unique idea. Therefore, we have launched some of the unique large custom bobbleheads that you can customize according to your choice.

Large Custom Girl Bobblehead

With the large custom bobblehead of a girl, you can get your mini look-alike. It can also be a great idea for gifting to someone you love or your friends. In a nutshell, the large custom girl bobblehead can be gifted to anyone, get for yourself, customized, added a pet, text, etc., to complement the bobblehead.

Large Custom Bobblehead Doll

Dolls are beautiful, and what if you can get your look-alike doll?

Unlike the custom girl bobblehead, the features of your face are enhanced to look like a Disney doll in the oversized custom bobblehead doll. There are different sizes, customization options, colors, features, etc., that you can add to the large custom bobblehead doll.

Like a large girl bobblehead, the doll bobblehead can also be a unique addition to your collectibles or present someone on a special occasion.

Large Custom Wedding Bobblehead

A wedding is the most important and beautiful day in the life of a couple. The memories of wedding days can be captured by treating yourself with a large custom wedding bobblehead. The wedding bobblehead customized to match your wedding attire and face will remind you of every moment of the wedding day –from walking toward the aisle to wedding vows.

The large custom wedding bobblehead has not just one option to keep with yourself. In fact, you can make someone closer to your heart feel even more special on the wedding anniversary. Presenting the bride and groom with their sizeable custom wedding bobblehead can bring that sparkle to their face and make you even more special in their heart.

Large Custom Bobbleheads Greeting

Want to know a unique way of greeting anyone who comes to your house?

A beautiful large custom bobblehead of yourself in a greeting pose placed right in the front of your drawing room showcase! A large custom bobbleheads greeting can also be placed in your office to give a warm gesture to people visiting you. Gifting someone this cool large custom bobblehead will indeed be a good idea!

In A Nutshell,

Large custom bobbleheads are a perfect gift, perfect collectible, and indeed a perfect purchase. The unique bobbleheads are affordable, unique, and cute. Having your mini-self always by your side is a cherishing experience.

You can get your large custom bobblehead in different sizes. It won’t be 4.67 meters long, but still, you can get up to 12 inches size bobblehead.

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