Best Funny Or Humorous Gift Ideas For Christmas 2023

Choosing gifts for your loved ones can be daunting because you have to consider their likes and dislikes to make sure you find something that resonates with their taste and style.

With Christmas around the corner, Starbucks has already started selling pumpkin-spiced latte, which means only limited time is left until you have to finalize the gifts, right?

For the longest time, we have been getting the mainstream gifts like wine, socks, scarves, sweaters, chocolates, and home décor, but it’s time you start shaking things up by choosing some humorous or funny gifts. This is because some giggles and laughter don’t hurt anyone. So, if you want to purchase some humorous and funny gifts for Christmas, we are sharing some options!

Custom Face Socks

Did you know that you can get the socks customized? We know that socks are considered the worst option for gifting, but customized socks are the best option. The customized socks can be printed with the recipient’s face or their pet’s face to make sure there is something for them. In addition, you can add the word that they say a lot (yes, even if they say “shit” a lot), so every time they look at their feet, they will burst out laughing.

Diet Coke Ornament

If you want to pick something for a diet coke lover and want to show your support, you can get your hands on a diet coke ornament that they can hang on the Christmas tree. This not only shows that you support them in saying, “I would actually prefer a diet coke!” at the restaurant, but they will be able to proclaim their brand loyalty in the most humorous manner.

Jason Momoa Coloring Book

Haven’t we all had sexy dreams about Jason Momoa? Be it in Game of Thrones or Aquaman. So, if you want to have some girl fun with your girlfriends and make sure they laugh and shy, it’s time to look for a Jason Momoa coloring book. The majority of these coloring books have adventurous and sexy scenes, so you can paint Jason Momoa in his true habitat.

Your friend will love the coloring book whenever they have some free time and want to curl up with coloring pencils and some sexy thoughts. In addition, it can help relieve their stress, so what’s the harm?

Customized Bobblehead

Many people think that customized bobbleheads are just small dolls, but a personalized bobblehead is actually a fun way to spruce up your loved one’s gift stash. You can make a bobblehead with the features and style of the recipient to make sure it resonates with their personality. A custom bobblehead will bring a smile to their face, but most of them end up having laughter fits.

A Meme Book

What’s better than a meme book to make everyone laugh and giggle at the Christmas party, right? In particular, if you have a knack for Schitt’s Creek season, there are various meme books available (What Do You Meme? is actually an amazing option). In fact, it will not only make them laugh but notch up their humor as well – who doesn’t like killing two birds with one stone?

Back & Body Hurts Mug

We all have a friend or a family member who is obsessed with Bath & Body Works, and it’s time to bring some humor into their life, especially if they are getting older. The Back & Body Hurts mugs are readily available and make a great option for your friends who have started wearing retinol creams and keep complaining about their back hurting.

Cereal Spoon

Do you have a friend or some family members who are too busy to make a fancy breakfast and actually prefer adding some milk and cereal into the bowl and eating it before rushing to work or school? Well, if yes, you can get a “cereal killer” spoon for them. These sort-of-personalized spoons will give them some nice laughs, and they will remember you whenever they enjoy a bowl of cereal.

A Keychain

You might wonder how a keychain will make someone smile but what if the keychain is shaped like a nugget? We all have someone who can eat a bucket full of chicken nuggets by themselves, and a nugget-shaped keychain is enough to put a smile on their face every time they have to use their keys.

Baseball Cap

If your friends don’t like keychains, they will surely appreciate a baseball cap because it’s the ultimate summer style. You can customize the baseball cap to make sure it aligns with the recipient’s personality. For instance, if your friend or family member loves their pet, you can get a baseball cap that says “cat mom” or “dad lover.”

Toast-Shaped Coasters

Do you know who will eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all the time? Well, it’s time to get them toast-shaped coasters because they are hilarious and make sure their kitchen counter doesn’t get dirty with coffee or tea stains.

Donut-Shaped Candle

If you want to pull a prank on your friend, give them a donut-shaped candle, so they can rush and try taking a bite only to realize that they bit on wax. The best thing about donut-shaped candles is that they make a great addition to homes, look amazing, and the infused scent fills your home with amazing scents.

Burrito Blanket

Do you know someone who loves snacking on burritos and likes to nap right after? If yes, it’s time to gift them a burrito blanket. These blankets look like burrito bread and are actually very fluffy. For this reason, your friend will truly appreciate you considering their cozy needs and refreshing naps.

A Beer Holder

We all have beer holders in our homes, but nothing matches the refreshing experience of hitting yourself with a cold beer while enjoying a relaxing bath. Having said that, there are shower beer holders in the market – they are made of silicone and can stick to the bathroom walls pretty wall, so you can keep the beer at hand!

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