Custom Bobblehead Is The Perfect Gift For Your Boss

With Boss’s Day coming up fast, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect gift to show your boss just how much you appreciate them. And nothing says “look how great you are” by literally showing them how great they are – in bobblehead form! That’s right, you get to see how amazing your boss is, every day, and your boss may need a physical reminder sometimes. Every time they look at their little boss bubblehead they’ll be reminded that you think they’re doing a good job at leading your team.

So what is a boss bubblehead? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. At Bbobbler we want to make sure you’re prepared for Boss’s Day by creating custom bobbleheads, with the image of your boss. You send us a picture, and we create a personalized bobblehead, in the form of your boss. We have tons of styles to choose from, so you can find the one that fits your boss’s personality the best. Don’t know where to start? Check out the list below to see which styles are our most popular for bosses.

Superman For A Super Boss

If your boss is super at what they do, this is the bobblehead for them! This figurine will show your boss in their ordinary work clothes, with their secret Superman (or Superwoman!) costume being revealed as they rip open their shirt, à la the Superman tv shows and movies.

Making The Big Money

If you have the type of relationship with your boss where you joke around, go out on the town, treat clients to drinks, etc., then our suit-wearing, fistful-of-cash bearing, suited up bobblehead is perfect. Showing your boss holding a fist full of money wouldn’t be right in some situations, but ones where you have a fun relationship are great opportunities to gift an appreciative joke bobblehead. If your boss is flashy and loves to show off how well they’re doing, show them your humorous side and gift them this bobblehead that expertly depicts how successful they are!

Practical And Fun

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between a gift your boss will actually use, and one that is just for fun. So we’ve made it easy on you by creating a boss bobblehead that is both fun AND practical. With this figurine, the bobblehead is actually a pen holder. Your boss will have a safe place to keep their pen, so it doesn’t get lost, and a fun bobblehead to remind them of your appreciation.

For The Boss Who Does It All

When you’ve got a boss who really does it all, and is always busy working on one thing or another, why not show them you know how much they’ve got going on and you appreciate all that they do? Our “busy boss” bubblehead will show your boss juggling all their work items and still managing to look put-together. For those bosses who truly go above and beyond, this custom bobblehead is a great token of gratitude

Finger Gun Boss

There is something so silly, yet so rewarding, when your boss finger guns you. They only do it when you’ve done something right, said something smart, or cracked a particularly witty joke. Yeah, your finger-gunning boss is a bit of a nerd, but nerds are in right now. If your boss likes to finger gun you to show you’re doing a good job, this is the personalized bobblehead for them.

The Extra Professional

Some bosses are always professional, have an image and reputation to uphold, and never show an ounce of hardship. For those bosses who always maintain their professionalism, a sophisticated bobblehead shows how much you respect them and admire their dedication.

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