Custom Bobbleheads for Christmas 2020

Bobbleheads are easy to love since they are very cute. Using them as a Christmas gift will be a great idea you should try this year. Custom bobbleheads are not only a very personal gift but they will also bring a smile, laugh, and happiness. So, why not start to look for the best bobblehead ideas to be given to your family or best friends this Christmas?

Bobbleheads – What to Know 

The history of bobbleheads can be traced back in the year of the 1760s. The first nodding-head figures were documented in Continental Europe and England between the 1760s to 1970s. The dolls remain popular in this modern era and often take famous figures as the models. That is why bobblehead dolls are included in collectible dolls. With the growing popularity of the dolls, now you can have your own custom bobblehead. You can pick up any figure to be the model. All you need to do is just selecting a company that focuses on creating bobbleheads and pick up an image you want to make a doll. There will be many bobblehead companies that you can find online and one of them is The company provides custom bobbleheads for clients across the United States. The dolls made are based on photos given by the customers. To allow you to get a perfect bobblehead, there will be a variety of options available to choose from. Either it is simply changing the clothes’ colors, adding other figures such as favorite pets, or adding a stunning background, Bbobbler can do them all for you. There will be 4 different sculpture methods to select. They range from standard sculpting (3 weeks) to “Need It Now” Sculpting which only needs 3 days to complete. Whatever your option is, the company will create a bobblehead doll as a perfect gift for your friends, family members, colleagues, even boss this Christmas. 

Choosing a Bobblehead Creator Company

There are some things that you should put into consideration when picking up the rightest company to help you create your personalized bobblehead. The first thing is the technique used in the bobblehead production. The construction can vary depending on the company you select. Some of them use the help of digital assistants and rely on it while others choose to create the bobbleheads by hand. The next thing you should know is the material used to make the bobblehead. To get the best result, you should choose the one made of resin and polyclay. The materials are more durable and not easy to break. You also need to keep in mind that a custom used will make the do bobblehead is all about art. It needs a lot of time (about 3 weeks or more) and a high level of skill to create the doll. In this way, make sure that you pick up a bobblehead company that knows what they are doing to meet your satisfaction. 

Bobblehead Ideas for Christmas Gift

So, do you want to make your own bobblehead for a Christmas gift? Well, here are some of the best bobblehead ideas to narrow your options. Each design is for a different person, making it a special and personal Christmas present for everyone. 

Bobblehead for Friend

Best Friend Forever! Make your best friend feels more special with his or her image on a bobblehead doll this Christmas. Send the best or unique photo of your pal and send it through email to a bobblehead creator company. Then, surprise! Just see how your friend will smile or even laugh looking at his or her own image on a doll. This will be a great idea to remind your pal how important he or she for you. Make sure that you state certain characteristics of your friend, for instance, hair and eye colors. 

Superheros Bobblehead for Husband

Thinking of a great bobblehead idea for your husband this Christmas? Why not try these superhero bobblehead designs? This will be a great way to express your love to your spouse. Not only that but you can also express how you are grateful for all the things that your husband has done for you and your family, telling him that he is a hero of your life. Once you have chosen a company to help you create your custom bobblehead, there will be many options available for you. For instance, the company will offer you with additional background option to meet an image of a hero in your mind. 

Bobbleheads for Grandparents

How lucky you are to have dotting grandparents! The bobblehead dolls will be a perfect gift for your grandpa and granny this Christmas. The dolls will be an ideal way to show your grandparents that they are special. Their reactions to seeing the bobblehead dolls will be very precious. Just send the pictures of your grandparents to the bobblehead creator. Make sure that the pictures sent have a good front view. This is to make sure that the bobblehead can be made as accurate as possible.

Bobbleheads for Boss

Do you want to give a good impression to your boss this Christmas? A bobblehead inspired by your boss’ figure can be a great idea to try. You can put the detail look of your boss include glasses or tattoos on the bobblehead doll. To make it more impressive, you can also make the bobblehead of your boss’ favorite dog. This is a small Christmas gift, but the impression given is unbeatable. 

Bobbleheads for Doctors

Do you have a favorite doctor and want to thank him or her for all the health treatments given to you? Yep, the bobblehead doll can help you express your gratitude over your doctor’s professional services. 

Bobblehead for Yourself

Creating a custom bobblehead doll for yourself? Why not? You also deserve to have a bobblehead of your own based on your figure. One of the nicest things about making a bobblehead for yourself is that you do not need to wait until Christmas for it. Use your favorite picture with the best pose to make the bobblehead. Put it on your office desk to lift your spirit during the busy days.

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