Custom Bobbleheads For Boss Day: 4 Unique Ways To Thank Your Boss!

Bosses are often the most under-appreciated individuals on the planet Earth! ?

Regardless of what day it is, they never forget to berate you on one or another thing. ?

Admit it, the scolding and berating from your boss always help you get better at your work. To appreciate and pay homage to the bosses, 16th October is the Boss’s Day across the US. If you’ve already not thought of what special gift for president or your boss you’re going to purchase, don’t worry.

We have come up with some unique special gift ideas for your boss on this boss’s day.

Unique gift ideas for your boss on boss’s day:

✅Customized Mug With A Leadership Quote or Your Boss’s Picture!

✅A customized photo frame for your boss

✅A beautiful flower bouquet with boss’s day card

✅An Office Lunch to Honor your boss

Wait, wait!

Are you thinking that we are going to tell you to buy any of the following?


Such gifts are undoubtedly great and show a good gesture. But, we call these BORING! One day for your boss in a year, and you’re doing just what others are gonna do?

Let’s discover the unique ways of thanking your boss on this boss’s day.

Customized Paper Weight With His Name Engraved Or Leadership Quotes

Since you have a working relationship with your boss, showing gratitude for his work dedication is a good point to start with. Paperweights are indeed the most used object on your office table, right? ?

There are many ways you can customize the paperweights to present to your boss on boss’s day. You can get his name engraved on it. Otherwise, get some rocks, write messages and thank you compliments for your boss from the whole team –tons of paperweight, haha ?

Of course, there are many other ideas of getting unique paperweights to gift your boss. How about a leadership quote engraved on steel paperweight?

Office Planter For Your Boss

If your boss has a taste for interiors and, specifically, indoor plants, this is the best way to thank your boss for his contribution to your growth as a professional and person. Adding a snake plant will be a great gesture of positivity and good wishes as the plant is said to be an air purifier and stress reducer.

Customized Business Card Holder

The sales managers have to carry their visiting cards all the time because you never know when you have a catch for a connection. You can gift a customized business card holder for your boss’s desk to make his card management more organized. You can customize the cardholder with a positive quote about leadership, a thank you note, his sketch, etc. Additionally, you can go for customization of product material. It can be either wooden, metal, etc.

Customized Bobbleheads For Boss Day

 Now comes the most unique and cool way of presenting a gift to your boss on this boss’s day. Office toys are a cool way of decorating your work desk. They give a sense of life, a colorful and playful vibe, and tell about the owner’s taste. A customized bobblehead of your boss’s photo; probably the best way to compliment your boss. Here are some fun and cool ideas for bobblehead customization for your bosses.


Customized Bobblehead For Sales Manager Boss

For your sales manager boss, you can say thanks to his guidance, sweet scolding, and getting angry for not meeting the targets. You can gift him a customized salesman rockstar bobblehead. Alternatively, how about a customized bobblehead cardholder. All you need is to submit your boss’s photo and guidelines about what design you want.

Check out these pre-made ideas of customized bobbleheads for your sales manager boss.

Customized Salesman Boss Bobblehead

Customized Bobblehead Cardholder

Bobblehead For Coffee Lover Boss

The best gift for a coffee lover is not a coffee mug because he would certainly be the owner of many. Instead, you can gift him a customized bobblehead for boss’s day as his mini version holding a coffee mug. You can customize what to write on the coffee mug. This gift will not just make him one day; in fact, it will remind him of the respect you have every day when having a coffee.

Check out our customized bobbleheads for boss’s day.

Customized bobblehead for coffee lover boss

Customized Female Boss Bobblehead

Show your female boss a gesture of gratitude by gifting her a customized female boss bobblehead. You can play around and customize the bobblehead for your female boss in different ways. Choose a bobblehead in the formal dress as she comes to the office. If you know your female boss’s personal hobby or taste, you can get a customized bobblehead for her in that attire. Let’s say she likes painting, so you can get a customized bobblehead with a canvas and brush.

Bobblehead For Your Workaholic Boss

Workaholic bosses are the most common type of bosses. ?

There are many ways you can get customized bobbleheads for boss’s day. ?

Get him a toilet customized bobblehead. Imagine it as your boss sitting on the toilet with his laptop. However, this gift will work well if you have a friendly and unconventional boss who takes the jokes lightly.

Alternatively, you can also go with an office desk customized bobblehead where your boss sits on his office desk.

Check out our office table customized bobblehead for boss’s day

In A Nutshell,

You can say thanks to your boss in different ways depending on your relationship with him. The unique ideas we have shared will surely make his day. Make his this boss’s day even more special by making him feel special and important in your life.

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