Reasons Why Office Bobbleheads Are Great To Have!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A major part of our week is spent behind the office desk while making those boring spreadsheets, allocating budgetary controls, and other hectic tasks for many of us. It won’t be wrong to say that office become our second home. Many studies have shown that a dull workplace negatively affects employee’s mood and productivity. Therefore, it is a good idea to decorate your workspace.

You can not throw vibrant colors on the walls or add bulk of clutter to your office desk. There are many ways to decorate your desk in a way that looks lively yet decent.

Do you remember Dwight K. Schrute from The Office?

He gave a new idea for the decoration of your workplace. Yes, we’re talking about bobbleheads. Dwight is the initiator of cubicle bobbleheads.

Bobbleheads, which are customized dolls made of polyresin or polymer clay, are a great decorating item you can add to your workplace. Here are 7 reasons why office bobbleheads are great to have! So let’s get in.

Personalized Touch To Your Workplace

It has become a common practice to add bobbleheads to the workspace at many offices. Many people regard bobbleheads as work toys. For people with a boring & dull job, bobbleheads can be a fun addition to their workspace. Imagine being at work for 8 hours daily and spending all the time in front of the computer replying to emails and attending phone calls!
You can add your own customized bobblehead or a family bobblehead to have ingenuity at your second home. You can always relieve your stress by looking at the love of your life.

Office Bobbleheads Increases Productivity

A lot of studies have indicated that the personalization of your workspace can increase productivity. However, personalization doesn’t mean to make your desk clumsy by adding everything that comes to your mind while thinking of personal.

There should be moderation because, after all, your office desk is your workspace, and it should be different from a pile of unnecessary things. Therefore, customized bobbleheads can be a great way that won’t hurt moderation and mark your personal statement in your workspace.

Great Stress Relievers
Stress is always around when you’re in the office. Office bobbleheads with a smiling face and approving look on your desk can be better than the stress balls. If you went through 500 Fortune companies and even small companies, you would see the increasing trend of office bobbleheads at employees’ desks.

Imagine your own mini-self buying to your new idea when everyone else disappointed you, or he nodding at you when you think that you should get a paid luxury leave. No matter whose bobblehead you keep, he is going to approve your ideas. Therefore, you must add one or two customized office bobbleheads to your personal space.

Shows Your Colleagues That You Are More Than Just Boring Spreadsheets
When you add a custom office bobblehead of your favorite writer, sportsman, TV hero, or any leader, it shows your interest outside of the office. The workplace of any person says a lot about the person, his hobbies, interest, and how organized a person is. Your colleagues can get an idea about what kind of person you are. Brighten up your dreadful office with one or two office bobbleheads of your favorite characters from any field of life.

Reminds You Of What You Are!
Every one of us is on a certain drive in the journey of life! Each individual is writing a different story of resilience and patience. If you add a customized office bobblehead of yourself, it will always remind you of who you are and where you have to go. The optimistic smile on the face of your own bobblehead would work like an encouraging pat on your back to buckle up and conquer the world.

You Can Also Gift A Customized Office Bobblehead To Your Boss
Bobbleheads are not just a great idea to have for yourself. You can also gift customized office bobbleheads to your boss or colleagues as a token of appreciation for how good as a leader your boss is.

What Kind Of Office Bobblehead Should You Choose?
When you know that having a bobblehead or two at your office can light up your boring day, you might be wondering which bobblehead doll to go with. Here are some choices you can choose from for yourself.

Make Your Own Bobblehead
Making your own bobblehead for your desk can probably be the best idea. When you’re at your office, you get back of your own mini-version, always giving an approving look at whatever you’re doing.

Get A Couple Bobblehead For Yourself
You can also get a couple bobblehead sculpted for you and the love of your life. The moment when you’re losing hope, the smiling faces of yourself and your love will remind you of good things in your life.

Family Bobbleheads For Office

A family bobblehead is also a great idea to keep your family closer to you all-time in your workspace. Choose from our collection of family bobbleheads and get it sculpted at affordable prices.

Your Favorite Personality’s Custom Bobblehead
You might be a book reader, sports lover, interested in history, politics, etc. Whatever your interest is, you can get bobbleheads of your favorite personality to place in your office.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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