Custom Wedding Bobbleheads; Ideas To Make Your Big Day More Exciting!

Discover some great ideas to get your custom wedding bobbleheads as a memory and a cake topper.

‘Matches are made in heaven.’

But their weddings are arranged on the Earth.

It takes a lot of effort to make a wedding event successful, memorable, and thriving for the bride, the groom, and the invited guests. Besides the food arrangements, fancy robes, jewelry, wedding hall, etc., few soulful things in a wedding mean a lot.

Yes, we’re talking about the wedding cake!

The wedding cake of a couple is the symbol of fortune, fertility, prosperity in the future life, and the celebration for the union of two hearts forever. Wedding cakes come in different shapes and sizes.

Besides their own outfit, every couple is very picky and conscious about the wedding cake. A Wedding cake is incomplete with a memorable cake topper that adds to its beauty.

You might have been looking for unique cake topper ideas. We have got some excellent ideas hand-picked for you to incorporate in your wedding planning to make it more thriving and memorable.

What Is A Cake Topper?

A cake topper that might not be very important for many people can add a unique and special touch to your whole wedding event. Cake toppers are the unique models, symbols, or letters crafted to stand out on a cake.

You can go with the simple cake toppers calling the bride and groom’s name or letters’ Mr & Mrs.’

But we have a very unique idea for you as a custom groom and bride bobblehead cake topper to elevate the excitement.

Why Custom Groom and Bride Bobblehead Cake Toppers?

The cake topper featuring the custom husband and wife bobblehead is made from proclain or resin. These cake toppers do not only add to the cherishing moments of your wedding day. Instead, you can have them as a keepsake for your whole life to remember the beautiful day of your union with the love of your life.

The custom wedding cake toppers from the photo incorporate the model of bride and groom in wedding attire. You can choose the posture and style of your own choice. The custom bobblehead sits on the top of the cake.

Ideas For Custom Couple Bobblehead For Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Here are some ideas for custom wedding cake toppers from photos to get your bobblehead made by the artists.

Custom Couple Bobblehead Of Music Rockstars

Suppose you and your spouse share a love for different kinds of music. In that case, you can get yourself bobble in a music theme bobblehead holding your favorite musical instrument. The music theme custom 3D wedding bobblehead will mark as the beginning of your life together as well as cherish your love for the music.

You can check out our amazing collection of music-themed custom couple bobbleheads to get inspiration.

Custom Wedding Bobblehead Musical Theme

Custom Wedding Bobblehead For Marine-Life Lovers

No matter if you have a love for underwater life, mermaids, or having a marine ride, you can show off your love at your wedding too. By getting a custom 3D wedding bobblehead based on the marine-life theme or beach theme, it will commemorate your love as well as will remain with you forever.

We have got some amazing custom couple bobbleheads for the sea and beach theme. In fact, there is one with the bride in mermaid costume held by the groom in his arms. Check out this amazing piece on our store here:

Wedding Bobbleheads Groom Carrying Mermaid Bride

Custom Couple Bobblehead For Indian Cultural Wedding

The Indian culture is very rich, colorful, and it emphasizes family bonds. Wedding is a big commitment in the Indian culture. Either you’re an Indian looking for an Indian-theme cake topper, or you’re following Indian culture for your wedding event, we’ve covered you. The custom wedding Indian cultural bobblehead has the bride and groom wearing a cultural wedding dress. You can customize it by sending your photo to replace the faces of the standard model.

Check out the Indian cultural wedding couple bobblehead here:

Custom Indian Wedding Bobblehead

Custom Groom And Bride Bobblehead For Gym Freak Couple

Fitness lovers and gym freak couples can customize their wedding cake toppers to flaunt their devotedness to health and fitness. The custom couple bobblehead can be designed with a gym theme holding dumbells or lifting weights. We have some great ideas in store for the gym and fitness lover couples to make their auspicious day even more special.

Check out the gym theme couple custom wedding bobblehead

Flintstone Inspired Husband And Wife Bobblehead

If you’re a fan of Hanna-Barbera’s animated sitcom Flintstone, you can even show that off on your wedding day. The couples taking inspiration from Flintstone’s romantic stone age story can get themselves bobble in the Flintstone theme.

Here is our standard model based on the Flintstone theme:

Custom Couple Bobblehead Inspired By Flintstone

Get Bobblized On Your Wedding Day With Your Pet

Love your pet? Can’t manage to go ahead on your wedding aisle without your lovable dog? You can reinforce the importance of your pet in your life by getting a custom couple bobblehead along with your pet. We’ve many options for different pets to add to your bobblehead design.

Check out our custom wedding bobblehead with your pet here:

Custom Couple Bobblehead With Pet

In A Nutshell,

This is not all we have. We have a generous collection of a wide variety of custom wedding bobbleheads based on different themes. You can check our wedding bobblehead collection to find the right bobblehead for your wedding day.

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