Sports Bobbleheads For New Year 2023

With the holiday season coming around, we all know that New Year’s Eve will be upon us soon, which means we don’t have much time left to choose gifts for our loved ones.

Having said that, a bobblehead makes a great gift because it’s loaded with personalization, and the recipient feels cared for. The custom bobbleheads are designed with your desired prints, shapes, sizes, and colors, so the recipient can relate to them. In addition, if you know someone who is fond of sports, you can add a sports uniform and game-related accessories to make it pop.

So, if you have been looking for a sports-related gift for your loved ones or friends, we have a few sports bobbleheads reviewed for you!

Soccer Coach

A soccer coach is an important part of every team, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he/she is the foundation of the team. In case there is a soccer coach in your circle, and you still haven’t gotten their gift, you can get the customized soccer coach bobblehead for them. A soccer coach bobblehead can be created with a cap, soccer ball, and athletic shoes to achieve maximum resemblance.

On top of everything, these bobbleheads can be customized with the picture of a person to whom you want to gift it.

Kids Baseball

It’s safe to say that every circle has a sporty kid who loves to be on the school team and loves to play baseball. Well, if you have one of such kids in your circle, you can get your hands on a kid baseball bobblehead. These bobbleheads are usually created with baseball-appropriate attire (or should we say the baseball uniform?), but you can get any clothes you want with a baseball bat to add some similarity.

Baseball Player

A junior/kid baseball player is different from an adult one, be it in size or features. So, if you have an adult baseball enthusiast around and there is still a gift left to finalize, you can opt for the baseball player bobblehead. This bobblehead is designed with game clothes, baseball gloves, and a baseball cap that completes the avatar.

Basketball Player

For the longest time, people have been confusing baseball with basketball, but these two are different sports. So, if you need a unique gift for a basketball player in your family or friends circle, it’s time to opt for a basketball bobblehead. A basketball bobblehead is designed with a vest and shorts, which helps create a full look. In addition, you can ask the bobblehead company to add a basketball.

Hockey Player

Hockey players are pretty hard to find because this sport is still considered complex. However, if you are lucky enough to have a nice hockey player in the close circle, a hockey player bobblehead will be an incredible choice. The hockey player bobbleheads are usually designed with a jersey, pants, gloves, and socks.

Many people want to add a helmet to the bobblehead, but it’s not recommended as it covers the face, and the person’s resemblance won’t show properly.

Golf Player Bobblehead

It’s needless to say that every family has an uncle who loves spending time in the golf club and cannot stop raving about their new clubs. In case you have a similar person in your family, and they appreciate unique gifts, a golf player bobblehead is a right choice. To add some more surprise, ask the bobblehead manufacturer to add the irons and drivers that the uncle uses.

What we love about a golf player bobblehead is that it’s funny but doesn’t exceed the limits of respect, making it a great option for seniors as well. Not to forget, you can also get a bobblehead customized in the golf cart (the uncle driving the golf cart).


Cycling is one of the most exciting sports activities, and if you want to surprise any cyclist in your family, we recommend getting them a cyclist bobblehead. This bobblehead can be designed with a full shirt and shorts, just like a cyclist. However, don’t forget to add a cycle in their cycle’s colors and a helmet to complete the look.

Tennis Player

A tennis player bobblehead might be one of the most beautiful bobbleheads out there and can be accentuated with a little frock, some leggings, and nice sneakers to make sure it stands out. In addition, a tennis player bobblehead goes perfectly with the tennis racket and ball. Also, you can get a bobblehead that looks like it’s moving – it’s just a nice effect.


Karate might be a martial art, but it’s also a great sport, and if you have a black-belt person in the family, we are certain that they will appreciate a karate bobblehead. A karate bobblehead has the white uniform of a karate player, along with the black belt. In addition, the karate player bobbleheads can be customized with other belt colors, depending on their performance.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that sports bobbleheads are perfect for sporty people in your family, and since they can be customized according to the sport, there is something for everyone. What we love about sports bobbleheads is that they are a great gift for males as well as females. Not to forget, they can be accentuated with sports-related accessories.

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